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Add new features with TTT Plugins

Make it Social with TTT Social plugin

Is the only plugin you need to have your Social Networks Timelines, Widgets and more, it´s one of our Free Plugins and you can install it going to Dashboard and Click to install TTT Social. Check more about this plugins here.

LongSocial Welcome Message guide
Step 1. Search and Install TTT Social from repository

After click in the Welcome Message you will be redirected to “Plugins > Add New” with auto search for TTT Social

Step 2. Install plugin


Step 3. Active plugin

Welcome Message will be updated and now will see this new features

Step 4. Follow new instructions

IMPORTANT: After install TTT Social go to “Settings > TTT Social Keys” and complete the connections. Follow this TTT Social Activation Guide

Check how to add your Social Feeds



Add Ajax load more effect for pagination


Go to the Welcome Message and click in the plugin link to go direclty to the plugin search.

Step 1. Click & Search the plugin
Step 1. Click & Search the plugin


Great, the plugin is there, now just click “Install Now”

Step 2. Install plugin
Step 2. Install plugin


Now the plugin is install in your WordPress plugin folder, next is activate.

Step 3. Activate the plugin
Step 3. Activate the plugin


After the plugin is Active you will see this message:

Plugins ‹ Site name — WordPress

And if you click to go to “Settings > Reading” will see this message:

Reading Settings ‹ Site name — WordPress

That´s all, no more settings, LongSocial detect the plugin si active and replace the pagination with a fantastic load more Ajax animation.

If you want to to know more about this plugin go here.



If you need more help just drop us an email