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Activation Guide

Go to “Settings > TTT Social Keys”


Be sure you are logged in with your twitter account in the same browser where you are edinting your site. Go to Twitter Application Management and create a new application and follow this instructions:

After you made this connection you can use the widgets or “Customizer > Social Feeds”.
If you don´t change this Keys the connection will be thru 33Themes twitter APP, because is our developer APP have a limit of tweets requests.


This Keys don´t need to be changed, just if you want. Go to Facebbok Developer Apps, after login go follow this instructions:


By default we connect your WordPress with our Facebook OpenGraph APP keys, if you know how this works feel free to create a new one and change the keys.
IMPORTANT: only works with Facebook Pages, not profiles or groups.



Be sure you are logged with your Instagram account in the same browser where you are editing the your site. Go to Instagram Developer, and follow this instructions:

Instagram only allow one website per App, is very important you use your own Instagram App keys.


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